Friday, January 13, 2012

Selling on Amazon

You can sell your stuff on Amazon.
Below is a rough estimate of fees for selling a CD
Go to this page : Sell on Amazon
Easiest way to get an idea of current prices is to type in the barcode (books,cd,dvd etc)
Quite a lot taken in fees : £.75, plus about £0.25, plus 15% (cd)
Amazon will charge buyer for £1.26 for UK cd delivery to offset your shipping costs

More info :

amazon uk page on packing
main page : make money on amazon uk
amazon services page : Europe
amazon : become a seller page
Royal Mail : about sending stuff
Royal Mail price : First Class
Royal Mail price : 2nd class
Royal Mail : pricefinder page
Royal Mail : how to class items for postage

Postage :
Amazon require the product to be sent within 2 working days
CDs and DVDs seem to be classed as 'large letter' category by Royal Mail

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