Thursday, May 17, 2012 improved their eggwhite protein powder

I frequently buy eggwhite protein powder from . It always had 2 problems :

1. The powder always became 'static' and so tended to 'erupt' out the packet onto the table-top etc.
This was very annoying.

2. The powder tends to lump together in the liquid, maybe it awkward to liquidise.

myprotein seemed to have solved the first problem as it no longer seems to become 'static' in the bag, so no more mess around the table-top.

myprotein eggwhite protein powder
It seems that they have used some sort of anti-lump ingredient too, though it still tends to clump but perhaps lesser so. The powder feels finer now.

So, one problem solved and one to go.

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Mark said...

They have actually improved this egg supplement eve more! The taste is so much better