Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recycling non-virgin printer ink cartridges : hard to find a fair price

Aim : to make money sending back a printer ink cartridge that was itself recycled (known in the industry as 'non-virgin')

There is not as much money on offer for 'non-virgin' (recycled) printer ink cartridges. do not accept non-virgin cartridges. The best deal I could find for my HP301 non-virgin black cartridge was around £1.25 each from N&J Inkjet Recycling

N&J Inkjet Recycling rules :
You need to send a minimum of 2 cartridges
It's freepost. You print their freepost label here : N&J Inkjet Recycling freepost label

If anyone sees better prices and freepost, let us know.

N&J Inkjet Recycling cartridge list
N&J rules
N&J Freepost label

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