Friday, June 15, 2012

Changing elctricity and gas supplier : Went with Npower August 2013 deal

searching cheapest duel-fuel utility supplier
Had a look at the Utility market to see if changing my gas and electricty supplier was worthwhile.

It certainly seems that for duel fuel for me the best by quite a bit (Aside from First Utility who were not too far behind) was :
NPower Billsaver August 2013

If you are on Economy 7 it may be likely that another offer is better but I can't see past this for duel fuel. They say the tariffs should be 7% below their standard tariff until August 2013 and also that after a year I get a £100 discount (which makes up the bulk of the savings). It looks like they understand that people are dodging the price comparison sites and pocketing the affiliate money themselves through sites like Quidco, so they are giving that money later to the customers as a reason to stay, and it seems that the price comparison sites are avoided.

I tried to join via a price comparison site anyway, to see if I get another bonus (around £17). I went through Quidco and from there linked through to the Which comparison site. They are sending my direct debit agreement (filled it in online).

So in summary :
It seems I may save around £137 per year on duel fuel
I went to Quidco
From there I linked through to Which Comparison site
On there, I signed up for NPower Billsaver August 2013

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