Friday, September 7, 2012

I bought Energizer AA Accu Recharge Extreme 2300mih 4 pack rechargeable Ni-mh batteries

Energizer aa nimh rechareable battery 2300mah
AA Energizer ACCU Recharge extreme 4 pack
Bought : 4-pack AA size rechargeable batteries
Brand : Energizer Accu Recharge Extreme
Storage Capacity : 2300mah
Type : NiMh
For use : Digital camera

Price : £6.88 in Amazon UKenergizer AA NiMh(slightly cheaper on Ebay ?)

Summary : Good reliable rechargeable battery. Duracell batteries now seem slightly cheaper (same company ?).

Score : 8/10
Score per cost : 8/10

My knowledge of batteries : very basic

I needed decent AA batteries for my camera. I always go for rechargeable. After a look around I plumped for Energizer Accu recharge extreme Ni-Mh batteries. Mine hold 2300 mah charge, which is decent. On the Energizer website the newest AA recharge battery seems to hold 2450 mah (which is not much more storage) but I have seen a photo of a 2500 mah battery, so 2450 mah may not be their longest storage. I guess that makes 2300 mah the 'mid range' and therefore can be found relatively cheaper. Mine were £6.88. The 2450mah seem a lot more expensive (more than double ?), so the 2300 mih storage seem relatively a lot cheaper. I have just started using the batteries and will update with any new information later.

Duracell batteries : I have also noticed that Duracell seem to be the main rival to the Energizer brand and their generally equivalent batteries seem a bit cheaper. I have seen a 4-pack of Duracell 2450mah rechargeable batteries for around £5.50 on Amazon UK (see link below). I would have probably bought them instead if I had noticed. I already own some Duracell rechargeable AA batteries and they seem fine.

BTY rechargeable AA battery : poor quality
BTY rechargeable batteries : I have bought the cheap BTY brand of rechargeable batteries sold on Ebay and they were abysmal. One was dud, and the others are quickly drained, don't hold storage well, and don't seem to fully charge.

links :

UK Amazon : Energizer Extreme Rechargeable AA 2300mAh Batteries - 4 pack
UK Amazon : Duracell Rechargeable Accu Supreme 2450 mAh AA Batteries - 4-Pack
Energizer website
Duracell UK website

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