Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review : Optimum amplified TV aerial from B&M Stores

Optimum TV aerial front view
Optimum TV aerial side-view
Review : Optimum amplified indoor TV/DAB Aerial
Bought : B&M Stores
Price : Around £13 ?
Score : 8/10
Score per cost : 9/10
Verdict : Seems ok to me. Seemed better picture than with technika amplified aerial from Tesco (dearer). Some channels not so receptive but I think I can get reasonable quality on all channels with some manouvering. My TV is in a 'reception-shy' corner of the room. Good value for tricky indoor reception ?

Optimum TV Aerial back-view
TV Aerial back-view on it's side
TV aerial in front of TV
back-view of Optimum TV aerial
Optimum TV Aerial and connectors
Optimum TV Aerial back-view

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