Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review : Star Sport Cycle helmet £3.99 in Home Bargains

Star Sport Cycle Helmet in Home Bargains (UK) : £3.99 for adult sizes. £2.99 for kid sizes
Comes in various sizes (eg XL, L, etc)

Verdict : Meets minimum safety standards and has basic comforts such as quick release clip and some padding and vents. Makes a good helmet to have at the price if you are not fussy but does not have the 'dial adjustment' wheel at the back which I think is necessary for a secure fit.

I bought this cycle helmet out of Home Bargains. I don't use a helmet but bought this one since it was so cheap. It complies with US CSPC safety standards for bicycle helmets for persons aged 5 or older. Made of expanded polystyrene. I presume it meets all the minimum bicycle helmet safety standards (and perhaps more). It has a quick release strap clip and adjustable strap. Some padding at the top and sides. Fair amount of vents. Official Weight is 270g (Was 260g on my scales). It does not say who makes it and is imported to the UK by TJM ltd.

Since I don't use a helmet I can't report too much about using it, but it seems comfy enough when I tried it on etc. Certainly if you want one or more helmets in your house that meet the required safety standards and have the minimum needs in comfort and use (clip, padding etc), I don't think you will find a bicycle helmet cheaper than this.

Update (27 Oct 13) : No 'dial adjustment' wheel at the back.
I have noticed that some other helmets have a 'dial adjustment' wheel at the back of the helmet which when you have fitted the helmet act as a secure position fixer (basically it acts as a screw which you tighten to make a 'snugger' and secure fit). I think this is an essential part of a helmet, which this Home Bargains helmet does not have. The cheapest I have seen with this device is a 'Active Equipment' blue helmet out of Tesco for £9. I would probably suggest that as my cheapest option at the moment.  

Links :
Home Bargains UK website (bicycle helmet does not appear on website)
Tesco helmet £9 with dial adjustment

Photos (by me)

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