Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aldi Bikemate bicycle toolkit

Video of the contents of the Bikemate Bicycle Toolkit bought in Aldi

Available on occasions from Aldi
Usual price : Around £20
On sale (overstock) : Around £13

Contents :
list of bikemate contents
1 freewheel remover
1 bottom bracket tool
1 chain rivet extractor
2 cone wrenches
1 chain whip
1 multi-size spoke wrench
1 8mm hex wrench
1 crank arm remover
1 crank tool
1 open-end wrench 8/10mm
1 cross-head screwdriver
3 tyre levers
1 7-in-one multi-tool : slotted screwdriver
1 cross-head screwdriver/hex key 2,3,4,5,6mm
Aldi Bikemate toolkit opened
1 patch kit
1 6ml tube of glue
1 grinder
2 valve insets
1 PVC box

Note : I do not know much about bikes.

If you have a bike, I would say you need a toolkit like this, unless you want to get everything done by the local bike shop. It's useful not for the obvious things like a puncture kit or tyre levers, but for the 'specialist' tools that are needed for certain jobs such as a chain rivet extractor. When you add up how much all the 'specialist' tools would cost, it is a bargain for that alone. And it all comes in a nice PVC case.

Bikemate list of contents
So if you have a bike, it's worth having a toolkit such as this. One other thing I would also recommend for a bike are a removable/reusable chain link such as the KMC missing link (which I use). It makes replacing/removing chains so much easier.

Marks out of 10 : 9
Marks out of 10 for value : 10 (or even more if you get it cheaper than the standard price)
Other tools that should be in a decent bike toolkit : I don't know yet

Amazon UK search : KMC missing link
Amazon USA search : KMC missing link

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