Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Ofcom price accreditation scheme

When looking to switch a utility it should be very simple, by checking the best offer via a price comparison site.

However there are 2 problems :
The utility companies may not be transparent (over the years this has become the norm for the industry but perhaps the government are now reining them in (?))
The price comparison sites depend on affiliate income and may not be transparent to the point of showing only affiliet linked options

This is how the culture of price comparison - utility companies has developed in the internet age. Some may regard the industry policy as being as much 'legal fraud' as possible (hidden costs etc).

It looks like the government may now be doing something about this with the Ofcom price accredition scheme. Well I hope so ! I thought Ofcom were merging with another 'Office', but hopefully this link keeps working ok.

About The Ofcom price accreditation scheme

Looking at the list, not many have joined (yet). At the moment I will keep my scepticism of price comparison sites including those listed.

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