Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Things I saw in Home Bargains

Home Bargains is one of my favourite bargain stores currently (though I like most of them). This is things that caught my eye in one of their bigger stores.

home bargains spring slumber cosy pocket mattress
'Spring Slumber Cosy Pocket' pocket sprung mattresses. Single, Double, King-size. Interesting concept. Don't know if they are comfy. Prices around £79 - £149 ?
 10 litre halogen cooker for under £20. The company 'Giles and Posner' have went out of business, I  believe. Would 7 litre be better for 1-2 people ? I wonder if halogen cookers are good for cooking ?  I am put off by the bright light.

 4-tier storage drawers. These are the 'large' sizes. Under £14. 

 Storage Shelf set for under £10. 135cm tall.
Bicycle pump with gauge for under £6. Never seen that price for a gauge pump before. Don't know about quality. I presume it has connection to fit mountain bike and racing bikes.

 Some nice mirrors at cheap prices. These ones are126cm tall ?

Smaller mirror, cheaper price

99p for a mirror. Not great quality but nice price

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