Friday, April 18, 2014

Harpic White & Shine : Best toilet cleaner ?

Harpic White & Shine
Best Toilet Cleaner
My current opinion : Harpic White & Shine
Price : Around £2, but look around to see if it's £1
Reasons I like : Only one that removed stubborn stains, no iscolour added, under-stated scent, makes toilet really shiny.  

Harpic White & Shine I feel compelled to write about Harpic White & Shine after going through a few toilet cleaners to remove stubborn stains. This includes using heavy duty cleaners. The only one I found to have an impact was Harpic White & Shine. I got it for £1 at the time. Perhaps this was an introductory offer but I would look around to see if it's available at that price (e.g. poundshops). It removed the stubborn stains that other heavy duty cleaners did not. Other things I like about it was that it makes the toilet bowl really shiny (maybe this is the baking soda ?), it has no colourings like blue which I find stays behind on my bowl. The scent is also understated, which is a relief, though this is the 'original' one. Perhaps the other variants such as citrus have a stronger smell.

So, for toilet cleaner in the UK, consider Harpic White & Shine
Harpic White & Shine webpage : link
Full name : Harpic White & Shine Bleach
Variants : Original fresh, citrus, eucalyptus 
Original fresh barcode : 5011417558775
Also available as toilet blocks

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