Tuesday, April 8, 2014

JCB rechargeable batteries in Home Bargains

About : AA and AAA rechargeable batteries
Bought : Home Bargains (UK)
Price : both £3.99 for a 4-pack

AA battery storage : 1200mah
AAA battery storage : 900mah

I bought these 4-packs of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries out of Home Bargains. I haven't had them long enough to make any judgement on their long-term use (many cheaper batteries quickly fade for recharge use). I will note any long-term observations when the time comes.

JCB AA 4-pack
Comment on the AA batteries : The ones I Bought only store 1200mah. That's about half of many newest AA recharge batteries. JCB do a 2400mah AA version, so I guess I got older ones. 1200mah is pretty paltry for AA batteries. I have seen the 1200mah and 2400mah 4-packs on Amazon for +£6.54, so they are cheaper in Home Bargains.

Comment on AAA batteries : These store 900mah. That's around as good as it gets for storage in AAA recharge batteries currently. Possibly even the most storage. So on paper these are a good buy but I will need to wait to test the quality. You can get these on Amazon for £3.99 4-pack so that's the same price as Home Bargains.

Other comments : It's odd they are similar colours to Duracell.

First impressions : The AAA storage sounds market-leading, but the AA storage is about 1/2 of other brands. I usually use Duracell as I have found cheaper brands to have been poor in the past. Even Energizer batteries have been disappointing for long-term reuse compared to Duracell. Obviously the JCB brand is respected in other industries, so I will give them a try and comment in later months about any problems.

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