Tuesday, April 1, 2014

myHermes : £2.78 from parcelshops

Post about cheap parcel delivery service

The newly privatised Royal Mail took the shine off myHermes lowest price service when they introduced their £2.60+ parcel service for small parcels. But now myhermes are big in the running, and aside from price are my favourite for parcels under 1kg (Yodel being my favourite for bigger parcels).

myHermes have new rates for their smaller parcel service
£2.78 for a parcel under 1kg dropped off at a collection shop (check size limitations)
£2.98 to be collected by a courier
£50 free compensation

So Royal Mail is still cheaper for parcels that qualify for the £2.60 price, but only by 18p now, and for the minor price difference and a number of other reasons, I prefer myHermes to Royal Mail. Personally I think 'parcelshops' may become a most popular way of dropping off parcels, and possibly of collecting them.  

Some reasons I prefer myHermes :
It can all be done online and no need to 'top up' account
Dropping off at a shop is much easier. Some are open 24 hours
You could pick courier service if you want
You have 7 days to drop off at any parcelshop
Someone signs for the delivery
You can track it and give the code to the recipient

Current myHermes prices

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