Saturday, April 12, 2014

Travel Adaptor plug : £1 in Poundworld

uk plug adaptorAbout : how cheap a travel adaptor plug is in pound shops

I have noticed travel adaptor plugs being anything from £2.25+ in supermarkets. But I noticed they are available in Poundworld and Poundland for £1. So in theory there seems no need to look anywhere else (unless they are cheaper online for acceptable quality).

poundworld uk plug adaptorMine is from Poundworld. I trust their 'quality control', having seen their TV documentary and also by comparing a solar torch they sell (which is excellent) and an exact same looking version bought on Ebay from China (which didn't recharge).

uk plug adaptorI'm pretty sure you can get both types of travel adaptors from both pound shops. I'm finding that some electronics nowadays come with the 2-pin plugs, so a travel adaptor about the house is becoming a necessity.

Brand : Blueskies
Official name : UK visitor travel adaptor.
Barcode : 5050577003398

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