Friday, May 16, 2014

Switched landline phone rental from BT to Primus Saver

Primus Saver review
Switched from BT to Primus Saver
At the time was a special offer £5.99 a month
Special offer now seems to be £8.75/month
12 month contract

note : says the £8.75 price is only until June 1st 2014 

After always being with BT for landline rental, I recently switched landline rental to Primus Saver . I joined via a special link on the homephonechoices website (now which gave me a special offer of £5.99 a month. It now seems to be £8.75/month and says it ends on June 1st 2014. I have been with Primus for around 2 weeks. Here are my current thoughts on it :

The switchover was seamless. The only 'hitch' I recall was to switch the broadband router off and on as broadband stopped working on switchover day. This fixed it. Perhaps if I had waited the broadband would have worked automatically.

My Sky broadband connection (via landline) works fine with Primus. My impression is that any broadband ISP that uses BT Wholesale will probably work with Primus Saver too.

You have to set up a direct debit. At time of posting £5.99 a month for line rental. £2.50 a month for caller ID. note : special offer price now (May 2014) seems to be £8.75/month not including caller ID.  

My understanding is that Primus Saver use BT Wholesale for their system.

My 18185 override provider still works with Primus Saver. According to the fantastic moneysavingexpert website Primus has guaranteed that override providers will work with Primus Saver at least until the end of 2014. I'm hoping it works afterwards. 

Customer service is pretty basic but courteous. I got through to the call centre straight away.

They also have a good broadband offer which I may look at in the future.

Everything seems fine so far. I will keep you updated

My current landline/broadband arrangement
Landline rental : Primus Saver (£5.99 a month)
Landline phonecalls : 18185 override provider
Broadband : Sky via landline

note : seems to now be

Links Primus Saver special offer (£8.75/month link) home phone compare page page on home phones

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