Saturday, January 24, 2015

Myhermes cheaper on Parcel2go website

Recommended : Parcel2Go
Update : Dec 2015
There is no longer a price difference between myhermes and myhermes via parcel2go for lighter parcels. By using the myhermes site direct you get free £25 compensation whereas you don't via inpost.

About : Cheap(est) ways to send parcels in the UK 

My current advice (Dec 2015) :
If thinking of using myhermes either direct or via inpost for a lighter parcel, use the myhermes site.

Parcel2Go :
I'm very impressed by this site. Their site, and if you have an account their tracking process etc is excellent.  

InPostDirect :  
This is a service Parcel2Go seem to be behind where you can leave parcels at nearby lockers 24/7, rather than handing in to a parcelshop like MyHermes. But they don't seem to give any free compensation cover or free notification of item delivered. For heavier bigger parcels they may be cheapest.   

Update Nov 2015 : MyHermes via P2G does not include any compensation
As someone said on the comments, buying myhermes via P2G does not include any compensation if lost etc. Usually couriers give maybe £25-£30 compensation free. So something to think about (e.g. expensive item lost, no compensation ; cheap item lost, maybe doesn't matter)   

Parcel2Go : Always worth checking
MyHermes :Buy from them direct for lighter parcels rather than parcel2go
InPostDirect : Like them a lot apart from : no free delivered notification, no compensation cover, currently nowhere near cheapest for lighter parcels, but may be cheapest for heavier parcels .


Anonymous said...

the prices have gone up in last few days but parcel 2 go now offer no compensation for parcels under 1kg unless you pay extra, last year i only used parcel 2 go (since the royal mail price rises) but i have now gone back to royal mail

Green Baron said...

Thanks for the interesting points. I see it has gone up a bit. Maybe the cheap price was due to the situation InpostDirect are currently in due to Citylink folding, or perhaps seasonal. I'm not too familiar with the parcel sending sector.

I am impressed with P2G including Inpostdirect but you make a good point. Perhaps they are making things like insurace 'add-ons' which used to be included standard in the industry. It's a good strategy I guess. I noticed Inpostdirect was ultra-cheap at first but then was dearer than MyHermes after a few weeks. Mauybe this was just due to Xmas season. I will see when they start up again.