Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sending my empty printer catridges to N&J inkjet recycling

Sending to N&J ink
Sending my used HP printer cartridges to N&J inkjet recycling for cash
They pay into your paypal account
It's free postage (print the postage label)
They don't accept Epson or Brother cartridges
They don't accept toner cartridges
You get paid by sending 2 or more cartridges 

Recycling inkjet
It's been a while since I last sent empty printer cartridges to a recycling company for money. The last time I sent then to, only to find I can't get the money until I've sent a certain amount of cartridges (5 or something). With N&J, at least I get paid after sending 2 or more, and it's still freepost. Both have their +ve and -ve, but I guess for the small time user N&J is my choice.

Links :
N&J Inkjet Recycling website and instructions

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