Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Capital One Classic Extra : Best current free cashback credit card ?

Capital One Classic ExtraThere's not much on offer at the moment in the Free Cashback Credit Card range.

Possibly the best free all rounder is  0.5% plus £10/year bonus (if you pay in full each month)  is  :
Capital One Classic Extra

The good thing about this card is that most people probably have a chance of being accepted.
The bad thing is the APR at around 34.94% 

Check the eligibility rules before applying.
You probably won't get this if you don't have a credit history

Card main details :
34.94% APR
0.5% cashback on all purchases (e.g. 0.5p per £1, 50p per £100)
If you pay in full on time, a £10 bonus per year

Even though 0.5% sounds miserly, if you use the card for all purchases (e.g. groceries) then you could spend £6,000+ a year, which would be £30+ a year plus £10 bonus if you pay in full each month. It's better than nothing I guess.

Main rule : Don't use it to get in debt with.

Capital One Classic Extra webpage

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